Saturday, November 17, 2007

Looking for Emma

Emma is a young leader highly involved with the Christchurch Deaf community and works for the Canterbury Deaf Society. She has dreams to go to Gallaudet University. She has a wonderful supportive deaf family and circle of friends all throughout NZ. Emma was one of the first people we met in NZ with a warm welcome and has introduced us to her life.

Emma...You are so FULL of life and laughter with your energy and contagious smile. We are all thinking positive that you are alive and well. Please come home safe wherever you are.

Emma Agnew, age 20, has been missing since Thursday Nov 15th. Her car was found abandoned and on fire. Police are searching for leads. If you have any information, please phone (03) 364 7400.

To all who read this...send your prayers, healing thoughts, positive energy or whatever it is you do that Emma will be found.

To make a donation to help with the search and for updates on Emma click on the following link!

We love you!


Karen said...

How sad-- saying a prayer that she returns safely home.

Nollaig said...

On Behalf Of Laois Deaf Network, Ireland we wish to offer our deepest sympathy to Canterbury Deaf Association and to Emma's parent & family

God Rest Her Soul

Noel P Ball

Anonymous said...

Giving well wishes to all those in Christchurch. Below is a poem I wrote about 6 years ago that might help in the healing process.

Sarah Dillon
Terre Haute, IN, USA
Creator of the forum "Christy's World" (
To God’s Children

My love everlasting,

An air of grief, a sound of silence
A light of darkness in a shining grove
Such as I write to you, my dear
From here on earth while you’re away

I am so sad to see you leave me
You’ll be my heart that beats forever
You’ll be my soul that will not depart
Your spirit will sooth the rage inside me
But your face not I will forget

I feel a thousand smiles from your spirit
Touching my face as soft as snowflakes
Feeling a universal love so strong
That our separation will never be eternal

You’ll leave your shell
And live inside me
Through all eternity
God will being peace right now
And it will begin with me

Your soul,